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Reconnect Health Development Initiative (RHDI) is an mental health non-profit, non-government organization headquartered in Nigeria since 2013, to provide psychological treatment and support services to address mental health issues while providing psychological treatment services to people and communities. Working together with relevant stakeholders, we affirm our commitment to support and alleviate the sufferings of persons affected by disasters, mental disorder, psychological and substance abuse problems.
We believe no one should face a mental health challenge alone and we would not give up until everyone in need of psychological support access the required.

Reconnect HDI has nearly 50 seasoned professionals comprising of Clinical and Behavioural Psychologists, Educational and Child Psychologists, Consultant Psychiatrists, Public Health Specialists and Counsellors. With our partners from the public, private and NGO sectors, our contribution to the psychosocial space is unparalleled

Our Objectives are:
* To raise awareness and combat stigma on mental illness through culturally appropriate methods.
* To care and protect the wellbeing and rights of vulnerable population including survivors of gender based violence.
* To promote access and availability of psychosocial and treatment services.
* To host research on mental health to inform policies and sustain wellbeing of beneficiaries.
* To strengthen partnerships and platforms of support for individuals, communities and groups.

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Our Goal

To promote mental wellbeing, protect the rights of individuals and strengthen access to mental health support services.

Our Vision

Making mental healthcare available, affordable and accessible.

Our Mission

Improved mental wellbeing for everyone by working with relevant stakeholders to promote mental Wellbeing, eradicate stigma and support access to curative and preventive services.



Subsidized Treatment & rehab.


Reconnect Support Service


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The Heal Project

The Heal Project


Save Our Loved Ones campaign


Training and Capacity Strengthening


Advocacy & Networking

Reconnect HDI Project partnership with Oxfam

“CRA 7000”

Project Description:

Mental health is a crucial component in successful interventions on Gender-Based Violence.

For many, even when bodies heal, the mental health toll often endures.

With the exponential rise in mental illness including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and suicidal ideation for women who have experienced violence and abuse, comprehensive and gender-sensitive mental health services can allow them to take back control of their bodies, sexuality, and lives.


The Slice

A support group that provides emotional support and psychological treatment.

The Circle

Is a mental health support group platform for sharing, healing, and learning.

Online Chat Café

Explore thoughts, feelings and deal with negative thoughts.