Gender-Based Violence: Stakeholders’ Capacity Building Project

Project Summary

The project focused on engaging and strengthening the capacity of relevant stakeholders in the response to gender-based violence. The stakeholders trained were government and civil bodies, and community members including women and male influencers from selected communities in Song LGA, Adamawa State.

Project Description: Overview

The project sought to strengthen GBV referral pathways by providing context specific knowledge on psychosocial response mechanisms and systems for survivors in the target communities. Beneficiaries were trained in the local Hausa language. The training curriculum was developed and topics were carefully selected to achieve the objectives.

The project methodology included: Stakeholder Engagement, Knowledge Assessment, Training, Group presentation & breakouts, Focused Group and Individual Discussions, Case Studies, Role Plays, and Therapy engagement sessions.

Highlights of the Project

• 15 representative of government and civil bodies were engaged and trained on the project

• 33 women from the selected communities were engaged and trained. During the training, there were sessions the project clinical team provided psychosocial support and counselling to the participants

• 30 community influencers comprising men and youth leaders were engaged and trained

Images from the Project

Kindly see below Picture excerpts from the first leg of the project in Adamawa: