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Reconnect Club 14

Reconnect Health Development Initiative, through hard work and nonstop dedication have successfully developed several programs that benefit both affected individuals and the wider population.


A Reconnect Club 14 session taking place

Long term recovery for substance addiction is often an on-going and lifelong process. Clinical research indicates that mutual aid substance addiction support groups play critical roles in achieving and maintaining a life of sobriety as they can be an invaluable source of guidance, assistance, and encouragement.

Participants come together to connect with other members who know first-hand what they might be going through thus reducing the chances of developing negative feelings and attitudes.

The majority of treatment programs do not offer recovery support after rehabilitation. Club 14 provides this platform for addicts and recovering addicts to serve as a safe place to get support, understanding, learn coping skills and discuss challenges - all part of the journey to a lifelong sobriety.

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